What is Hitpad?

Hitpad is a quick and easy way to see what's going on today and stay current using a fun-to-use and engaging iPad application.

With ever-increasing amounts of content and our ability to consume it on new devices such as tablets and smart-phones we are increasingly challenged to focus our time on what's new and important. One way we do this is to read selected publishers (e.g. the NYT app) which works great for that content but excludes all the other sources of information.

Hitpad takes a different approach. It distills the most popular content and presents users with the most important topics of the day, highlighting why they are important and may be of interest, and presents this information in a way that's easily consumed by the user.

How is Hitpad different?

Compared to the visual news or feeds readers, Hitpad has four main differences:

  • Hitpad is a rich visual dashboard that tells you what are the most important things you should know today in your areas of interest
  • Hitpad is instrumentation by measuring, analyzing and determining what is important to consume in order to minimize reverb and improve discovery
  • Hitpad is agnostic to the publishers that are providing the data
  • Hitpad is tuned and personalized based on your interests

Who is behind Hitpad?

Jay & Nir have known each other for over a decade. They worked together back in 2000 and kept in close contact since then. After Jay's return to Israel in late 2010, Nir and Jay decided to join forces again. Despite having big rivalry on the football field (Jay is a Maccabi Tel Aviv fan and nir roots for Hapoel Tel Aviv), the two make a strong leadership team that offers up a diverse set of backgrounds – from successful technology entrepreneurs to product specific developers. Pair that with our strong shareholders & advisors and you've got a force to be reckoned with.

  Jay Meydad, Co-Founder & CEO (twitter, blog)
Prior to Hitpad Jay spent four years as the Vice President of Products and Operations at Snap.com, three years as the Vice Presidents of Products at Spark Networks (AMEX: LOV) & two years as Director of ICQ Mobile at AOL. Jay has BSc. in Information Systems Engineering from the Ben Gurion Univesity.
  Nir Holtzman Ninio, Co-Founder & CTO (twitter)
Prior to Hitpad Nir spent three years as the Director for Consumer Websites at LivePerson (NASDAQ: LPSN) and two years an a Development Manager at Kasamba (acquired by LivePerson). Nir has M.A. in Philosophy, Information and Digital Culture from the Tel Aviv Univesity & B.A. in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv.

The company's investors include Pasadena-based Idealab and Tom McGovern, CEO of Snap.com.

The directors and advisers to the company include Bill Gross, Allen Morgan, Marcia Goodstein and Tom McGovern.

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