Support and FAQ

Q: What is Hitpad?
A: Hitpad is an iPad application that makes it super easy to stay current and learn about the important and trending topics of the day, in a range of categories, while doing it with very little effort and with no-time.

Q: Where do I get Hitpad?
A: You can download Hitpad for iPad from the App Store

Q: How do I use Hitpad?
A: Launch Hitpad on your iPad and explore the Hot Topics of the day in a range of categories, incluring National News, World News, Sports, Business, Technology, Entartinment, Science, Health and more. These are topics people are talking about today that you might find interesting to know.

Then, tap on one of the topics to get a sweet & short summary at the top area. This summary answers the basic question - why is this topic important today. In most cases, that would be enough and you will continue to explore other topics. Where in other cases, you might want additional information on the topic, and for that reason we have provided an aggregated view that includes the latest news stories, tweets, videos & images.

You can then explore one of the Hop Topic's Related Topics to further explore and discover additional great content.

In Hitpad 2.0 we applied our approach of helping users stay current in a quick and easy way and applied it to their social networks, Facebook first.

You can connect Hitpad to your Facebook account and view your Facebook wall and the Pages you like "the Hitpad way". This way, you can quickly find and focus on the interesting content that is on your wall and on the pages you like (videos, photos and links) and spend less time on those boring status updates. Liking, Commenting is updating your status is supported as well.

Q: How can I view personalize the way Hitpad looks?
A: Hitpad offers many personalization options, all accessible from the Settings menu:

  • * Style - choose your prefered way of viewing content: Classic, Modern or Traditional (A restart of the app is required to apply these changes)
  • * Edition - Hitpad has 4 editions: U.S., U.K., Canada & Australia. Each edition has localized Hot-Topics for each one of the 8 categories
  • * Manage columns layout - change order and delete columns
  • * Video Sort By - decide how the Videos column should be sorted

Q: How can I share an item using Hitpad?
A: When you are viewing an item, simply click on the Share button and tap on the service you would like to use for sharing - Facebook, Twitter, Email or save it to your Instapaper or ReadItLater account.

Q: Do I need to setup an account to use Hitpad?
A: Not at all. You can use and enjoy Hitpad to discover and follow Hot Topics if that all you want. However, only with an account you will be able to add a topic to the Favorites category or express your level of interest using the Like/Dislike buttons in order to get a more personalized experience overtime.

Q: Why is Twitter or Facebook account is used as the account identifier?
A: Instead of creating a new account system and asking users to enter and remember information like username, passwords, email, etc., we chose to use Twitter / Facebook login as the identifier for the Hitpad account. This method has become a widely adopted solution by many websites and apps and we have chosen to do so as well.

Q: How do I save & remove a topic from the "Favorites" category?
A: Saving a topic (or a free search query) to the "Favorites" category provides a a quick and easy way to monitor topics you would like to follow frequently. It works in a similar way to many other apps / services (such as the Twitter app).

Add a topic: After you view the results for a topic / query, simply tap on the star icon located at the upper right corner. The star will change its color to white, a confirmation message will appear in the middle of the screen and the topic/query will be added to the "Favorites" category.

Remove a topic: First, make the topic you wish to remove active by accessing the "Favorites" category and tapping on the topic to remove. Then tap on the highlighted star and uncheck it. The star will change its color to grey and the topic/search term will disappear from the "Favorites" category. In case you remove all the saved topics from the "Favorites" category, the category will be removed as well from the list of categories.

Note: To use this feature, you will be asked to setup a Hitpad account using your Twitter or Facebook account.

Q: What information will be stored by Hitpad for a user?
A: Whenever a topic is added to the "Favorite" category or a topic is being Liked/Disliked, the Hitpad app will send the data to our severs to be securely stored there. Overtime, we will add more personalization features (for instance, preferred language) and we might have to store this data on our servers as well.

Q: Will Hitpad post tweets or Facebook posts without my permission?
A: No. Hitpad will never do that. Posting a message to a user's twitter stream or to a user's Facebook wall has to be an action initiated by the user, either from the "Share" menu or the "Show Us Love" menu.

Q: How do I contact Hitpad team?
A: There are different ways to contact us:
1. Use the Contact Us page
2. On Twitter @hitpadapp
3. On Facebook

We would love to hear from you and get your feedback, questions, suggestions and comments.