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Gizmodo iPad App of the Week
"Hitpad is your explainer for all things going on in the world, or well all things going on in the world according to the Internet. It is a really fun and engaging way to keep up with what's going on." (more...)

Casey Chan - Gizmodo

9to5Mac Logo
"Pay attention for Hitpad is your personalized window to relevant content that helps put those trending topics on Twitter and Google Trends into perspective by combining tweets, videos, images, news articles and web links into a uniquely designed news flow." (more...)

Christian Zibreg, 9to5Mac

"Hitpad is an interesting take on news discovery. The GUI is nice, and there should be virtually no learning curve in getting up to speed." (more...)

Mel Martin, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

TechCrunch logo
"Hitpad is, as the name suggests, a ‘quick hit’ of what’s going on in the news on the iPad. It’s a sort of antidote to single source news apps, like the iPad app for the New York Times, as it pulls in many different sources and presents them in a visual way, not unlike a sort of ‘Tweetdeck for news’. But if Tweetdeck is just the streams, Hitpad is closer to active curation without you needing to do anything." (more...)

Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe

TheNextWeb logo
"Hitpad gives users way to stay up to date with the latest news quickly and with minimal effort. You get a single-sentence description of why each story is popular, and you can then drill down to news reports and related multimedia content to get a better understanding if you wish." (more...)

Martin Bryant, TheNextWeb

AppAdvice logo
"In the world of newsreader apps, you have to be clever and creative in order to stand out and make it to the top of the lists. Hitpad may be on its way to doing just that." (more...)

Sue Megrund, Appadvice

40Tech Logo
"Hitpad for the iPad is a slick way to get all the latest from multiple search engines, Twitter, and more; and without feeling like you’ve been hit between the eyes with a mallet." (more...)

Bobby Travis, 40Tech

SocialTimes logo
"...amazing looking graphical interface. It is both simple and beautiful at the same time. It might be what Apple CEO Steve Jobs once referred to as a “lickable interface”..." (more...)

Todd Ogasawara, SocialTimes

ThisWeekIn iPad
"A great colorful interface. A really, nice simple app interface that allows you to get content about whatever subject you are interested in all in one space, easy to move around." (watch review...)

ThisWeekIn iPad

Hitpad Launch Press Release

April, 05 2011

Hitpad application for iPad allows users to “see what’s up” in the world that day.